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I am so HAPPY and EXCITED!! I actually get to have Liyana's gorgeous art in my sight all the time! I bought some of the prints and the pins and keychain and they came so quickly even from overseas omg... Seeing SeyGen smiles are definitely the best way to start the day - I smile every time i look at them, no joke. I can't believe I get to have one of my favorite artist's work on my walls! Aaah this is so incredible! I can (and have) spent collective hours just staring at the pieces and seeing all Liyana's passion and love shine through, and if she keeps making gorgeous things like she is then i swear im never gunna go anywhere I'm just gunna sit and admire everything she does!! O M G! ya'll seriously need to check her out because her comic is sweet and hilarious and she's so awesome and cool!! I always look forward to what she makes next and I can't wait to see what other merch she's gunna make THANK YOU LIYANA I

(One of my comic readers on Tapas <3 Whom I swear I didn't bribe or blackmail to say nice things about me)

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